You are invited to The 2015 Texas Shredder Classic !

In 1998 I promoted the first Texas Shredder Classic because there were no quality drug-free bodybuilding contests in Texas. People inside of bodybuilding told me that a drug-free show would never be successful. We started that first year with 55 athletes and have grown every single year since!

At the 2014 Texas Shredder Classic we had 479 athletes (not counting crossovers). We sold over 2000 prejudging tickets and had 3000+ fans in attendance at the night show. I attribute our continued growth to the fact that I just retired as competitive physique athlete in the spring of 2014. I know exactly what the athletes are going through so, I go to great lengths to make sure that they have a tremendous competitive experience! However we feel that while were are very proud that many epople want to come out to the Shredder it is just too many people to have in a show and the founding principals somehow get lost. In 2015, we are going to cap the number of athletes we are going to let into the Texas Shredder. We are doing this so that we can ensure a great quality show, that every athelte will get ample stage time, that there is room back stage and that the most important thing is returned to the sport, the celebration of all the athletes accomplishments. Its not all about the numbers or the money its, about athletes firsts!

We give every athlete a commemorative WNBF texas Shredder Competitor dog-tag, a Competitor contest t-shirt, and a goodie bag chock full of bars and samples. Awards are samurai swords, and class winners receive an additional gold Champion dog-tag and Champion t-shirt. The Texas Shredder Classic is also a Super Pro Show meaning If you win your in an Open Class with 5 or more competitors you are elgible for your Pro Card!

We are extremey excited to be a part of the WNBF. The federation has been around since the 80's and has a long proud history of quality drug free contests. We were sanctioned with the WNBF for several years until I was suspended for 3 years from competeting for doing an very positive article about the WNBF and natural bodybuilding in Ironman managize. That was under the previous ownership. In 2014, when the opportunity came up where not only could we become part of the leadership and part owners of the Federation but we could help to expand opportuntities for natural atheltes to compete we jumped at the chance to grow the federation. The entire federation is about athletes being first! That was something that had been very concerning to me as a Professional athlete myself I felt like I was leading people to a deadend in the other organization if natural athletes chose not to use PED's. There are very few who make it to pro status naturally as I did but once they do they find out what I did- they are no longer competitove at all. I stood on stage with men who were my height but had over 100 lbs of muscle on me and freely talked about their use of PED's. I felt strongly that there needed to be more opportunitites for natural athltes to compete on the anature and pro levels. So again, when this opportunity came up to grow this federation we jumped on board with both feet! We are extremely excited about moving our 2015 Texas Shredder Classic to the WNBF. This is just one of the 9 shows in WNBF Texas this year and we are still growing!!!

SInce our shows have always been drug tested there is not a trememdous amout of changes that will take place in the show. However We ask that you look very carefully at the banned substance list. It is differenlt than it has been in the past. You must be aware of what you are and have taken. Everyone is polygraphed and the winners are tested by urinalysys. If you have questions about the banned list you can email Bob Bell at he is the most knowledgeable person regarding our drug testing and the products. We are here to help so if you have questions feel free to ask.

Whether you are an athlete or a fan, I invite you to be part of the Texas Shredder Classic. Come join our Shredderbuilt family and have a great time at our show!

Dave “The Texas Shredder” Goodin, Diana Hurley, Blythe Savera & Molly Goodin